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I’m Annah

I’m a dreamer and a lover of life. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved exploring, trying new things, and especially reaching my goals to become who I dream I can be.

This blog will give tips and general life advice to help you as you build your dream life as well. Join me, and discover what life has to offer.

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The Best Vegan Resources

Before choosing to become vegan, I did a lot of research. It seemed that I was on YouTube daily watching vegan recipes and lifestyle. I read any book on veganism I could get my hands on. I was completely fascinated by the whole idea of veganism, and I couldn’t...

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Conquer Your Fear of Failure

In seven weeks, I will graduate college and enter the “real” world. Whenever this comes up in a conversation, I always hear the standard question: “What are you going to do?” Me? I have no idea. Since I started telling people months ago about...

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