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Month: January 2016

Rock Cut State Park, Illinois

Are you looking for a new place to trail run? Have you had the urge to freeze during an overnight camping trip? If you are near northern Illinois, Rock Cut State Park is the place to go. The park contains 40 miles of hiking trails […]

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

In 2015, 2.5 million guests visited Starved Rock State Park, but in the cold of January, my dad and I only saw one other hiker. One of the reasons so many people come to Starved Rock is the unique geography. The park holds 13 miles […]

Three Reasons You Should Run this Winter

One thing I didn’t expect to learn this winter was that winter running could actually be enjoyable. As I’ve only been running for about six months, I’m basically a newbie to all things running. I don’t know all the high tech gear or if I […]

Winter Walk in Glacial Park, Illinois

Winter Walk in Glacial Park, Illinois

While there are many activities for summertime, in the winter you have to be more creative. We decide to hike a few miles of trail. The views from the top of kames show the winter’s desolation. An empty creek bed wanders around the base and the […]

New Month’s Resolutions

New Month’s Resolutions

I’m finally going to take that trip to Europe. I’ll finally write that book. I resolve to exercise more. How many resolutions are made without being fulfilled? The key to making resolutions one completes is in the timeliness of the goal. Have you resolved to […]