Spring has arrived! In honor of the warmth, my roommate and I set up my Kammock in a park near my apartment. Walking up to our perfect spot, a group slacklined nearby and children played in ecstasy. Two other people had a hammock set up in the grove of trees we selected.

In less than two minutes, we were in the hammock. We rocked in the breeze and read our selected books. Over our heads, a remote controlled airplane buzzed and thuds and laughter from college students falling off the slacklines sounded from the left.

Here is a list of activities as we head into the warm seasons of the year:

  1. Visit your local outdoor outfitters. More than likely, they will have a list of sponsored trips or activities over the summer. If you are in Rexburg, Idaho, check out BYU-Idaho’s Outdoor Resource Center.

    Hammocks are my favorite place to read books. Besides bed, of course.

    Hammocks are my favorite place to read books. Besides bed, of course.

  2. Rent and tandem bike and take a ride around town with a friend.
  3. Go swimming.
  4. Try bridge jumping.
  5. Make a hammock and enjoy a good book.
  6. Take a jog around town and take note of future spots to visit.
  7. Escape to the mountains for an evening hike.
  8. Go stargazing or cloud gazing.
  9. Fly a kite.
  10. Try mountain biking.
  11. Take a walk in the rain.
  12. Start that garden you always wanted.
  13. Have a picnic at the park.
  14. Water balloon fight!
  15. Create a giant slide and slide.
  16. Set up a car wash.
  17. Start driving and see where you end up.
  18. Hunt for four-leaf clovers.
  19. Climb a tree.
  20. Visit your local farmers market.
  21. Enjoy popcorn as you watch the thunderstorms. Try to find the best lightning strike. This was one of my favorite activities after a long day while I was growing up.
  22. Go bird watching.
  23. Identify ten plants you never knew the names of.
  24. Set up a projector and blankets outside for a movie night.
  25. Play beach volleyball.

How many of these activities have you done this spring already? Which of these activities are you going to try today?