For about a year now, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of veganism. I follow a few vegans religiously on YouTube, and I’m always impressed by how energetic and healthy they appear. I’ve watched so many documentaries about food (can I just say, I love food?). With each documentary, TED Talk, and YouTube video, I become more and more convinced that veganism is the way to go.

I could list so many reasons why I want to become vegan, including the environment, animal cruelty, and health. Each topic could cover months of posts (and maybe I’ll include some later) but for now, here are two documentaries to look at if you’re interested.

  • Cowspiracy: You can find this documentary on Netflix. It talks about the effect factory farming has on the environment.
  • Fat, sick, and nearly dead: You can also find this on Netflix. This was one of the most inspiring documentaries for me when it came to taking charge of my health. I strongly recommend it.

Even though I’m extremely interested in becoming vegan, I’m nervous to start. I’ve always viewed veganism as being expensive. I’m still in college for a few more months, so my budget is definitely tight. Along with that, I’m nervous about relapses. So far, I’ve been able to withstand on a vegetarian diet because of how obvious it is to me when I eat meat that it came from an animal. It’s right there, red and bloody in front of me. Kind of hard to ignore. It’s easier to ignore with animal products like milk, cheese, and honey. I don’t want to fail because I don’t have any idea how to cook without milk or cheese.

Regardless of the challenges, I’m willing to try. I may slip up, and that’s okay. I want to start easy and baby-step my way to veganism. Instead of just pining over that imaginary “someday,” I’m deciding to make that today. So here’s the challenge.

Eat one raw vegan meal each day for 30 days.

If I eat more, that’s okay, but starting with at least one meal each day will be a step toward becoming completely vegan. I think it’s also wise to understand that failing with one meal doesn’t discount all of the meals when you succeeded. No matter how often I fail, I’ll still be making an impact.

Along with eating one vegan meal each day, but I also want to record how I’m feeling. I want to be sure to have an accurate idea of what I’m feeling in the long run. Because of this, I’ll be posting each day. I’ll be recording how I’m feeling, but I’ll also include a recipe and tips so you can follow along with me. This challenge isn’t just for me, though, I’ll be participating every single day. This is a challenge for you.

So what are we waiting for? Join me! Try this experiment and see what happens. Maybe you’ll gain more energy or cleanse your body a little. One vegan meal a day isn’t as overwhelming as going straight to it, but it’s a step toward a healthier life. Take the step with me. I’ll be here along the way to share tips and recipes and to cheer you on.