Hiking, running and exploring the outdoors fills summer. Every weekend is an adventure waiting to happen. October hits. With the cold temperatures, activities you enjoyed in the summer are painful to even consider. You spend 95% of your time inside, nestled in electric blankets and sipping hot chocolate.

This winter I refuse to let inclement weather trap me inside. Here are 30 activities that keep me active and mostly outdoors during the winter.

  1. Go ice skating.
  2. Try skiing.
  3. Sled with family or friends.
  4. Make a snow fort.IMAG0075
  5. Take a walk around the block.
  6. Take a run outside. You’ll definitely warm up after a few minutes.
  7. Organize a snowball war. Use the snow fort you made in #4.
  8. Play tag.
  9. Walk to indoor rock climbing.
  10. Explore somewhere in your town you’ve never been before. Chances are no one will stop you because no one will be outside to see.
  11. Make the best snow angel.
  12. Have a winter picnic in the park with hot soup and hot drinks.
  13. Go caroling.
  14. Visit the hot springs.
  15. Go on a hike. If you dress well, the cold won’t be a problem.
  16. Walk along rail road tracks.
  17. Park the car, walk around and follow your tracks back to the car.
  18. Make a snowman.
  19. Take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the lights.
  20. Build an igloo.
  21. Chop firewood.
  22. Perfect sliding on ice techniques.
  23. Walk on a frozen lake. Make sure the ice is 4 inches before you step on it.
  24. If the ice is too thin, throw rocks through it and listen to the unique sound.
  25. Bird watch.
  26. Walk to the library, check out a good book and walk back.
  27. Try out winter camping.
  28. Roast marshmallows around a bonfire.
  29. Paint the snow.
  30. Blow bubbles and watch them freeze. This works if the temperature is below freezing.

Winter time can be just as exciting as summer. Make a goal to do at least one of these a week. Soon, you will appreciate winter as much as summer. I’ll see you out there.


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