After the surprise of blue skies and warm weather wears off, most people usually find themselves back inside. Sure, maybe you can be productive inside and finally finished the new season of your favorite show on Netflix, but there is so much you’ll be missing just on the other side of that door. If you don’t believe me, here are seven ways to get yourself excited to get outside.

  • Check out your local farmers market

Farmers markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread, and homemade crafts from community members. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the community coming together to celebrate delicious, good food that just warms my soul. One of my favorite things about farmer’s markets is the smell. Fresh tomatoes and…well, really I just LOVE the smell of tomatoes. At my farmer’s market back home, I can smell cinnamon roasted almonds from anywhere in the market from the one booth that sells them. If anything, go for the experience and sense of community. Plus you’ll be making a difference on the environment as well when you buy locally grown foods.

  • Visit a local attraction

Just about every town has their own claim to fame. It could be a historic monument or a giant potato, but there’s always something. I’ve found that most people don’t see the historic places in their town because they are from there. They think they know everything about it or that they can go later if they really want to. Take a short outing and visit one of those places the tourists always go to. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something you never knew before.

  • Explore somewhere you’ve never been

Similar to visiting a local attraction, explore your town a little deeper. Maybe you’ve been downtown a million times, but did you ever notice that little bookstore squished between the department stores? There could be a nature walk you’ve visited before, but did you see the offshoot trail leading to a completely new view of the nature preserve? Take an hours or two to find something you’ve never seen before. There are museums, hikes, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and more places to visit if you just look for them. 

  • Take a hike

Take a quick look at google maps. Is there any green on there? Zoom out, point to one you’ve never heard of, get in your car, and visit it. Summer is all about spontaneous adventures. Nearby, there could be national forests, nature preserves, bike trails, horse trails, or lakes. When you finally find a hike, take time to connect with nature for an hour or so. Talk a slow walk or sit on a tree stump and just listen to the sounds of nature. Bring a camera or sketchbook. Enjoy the silence.


You can make the most of your summer. Get out of your room, and experience your town for the first time again. Let me know what happens.