It’s been a while! I figured it had been a while since I had updated you on my challenge, so here are some thoughts that have been jostling around my head.

Today, I watched a documentary on YouTube called “Vegan: Everyday Stories” by Northwest Veg. I definitely recommend watching it. While I’m the only vegetarian that I know of in my area, and when I become vegan, I’ll definitely be, watching this documentary really helped me to realize that I’m not alone. I’m not crazy. Lots of people live a vegan lifestyle. While it’s hard to find that in my community sometimes, it’s pretty simple to find it with the help of Google.

Sometimes it’s really tough to be vegan. There are so many people that will criticize you for your choices. At the very least, your negative feedback will be a lack of support. These are some things that are basically impossible to avoid (and you shouldn’t focus your energy on what you can’t control). That’s why it’s so important to have people that actually will support you.

There’s something special about connecting with people. I really think that is one of the main missions we have in life. We need to connect with people. People have amazing stories to tell. They can inspire you to be better or give you the opportunity to tell them what works for you. I love hearing about why others have gone vegan.

Pure living is all about connection. If you want to really live, you can’t be focused only on yourself. Eventually, you’ll be affected by your efforts, but the focus has to be on others. Find ways to build people up. Find out what makes your friends tick. When you’re going through a hard challenge like this one, ask for advice from those who have tried this before. You may be surprised how much it really helps.

If you really can’t find anyone – maybe you live in a small town with 1 vegan (you) – look on the internet. The internet is definitely not a substitute for a living, breathing person, but having an online community to support you can really help.

I watch Kate Flowers and Raw Alignment on YouTube every time they upload a video. For me, their style and personalities encourage me. Other YouTubers to look for might be Fully Raw Kristina, Ellen Fisher, Bonny Rebecca, or the many others. If YouTube isn’t your thing, find a blog. Try The Viet Vegan, Oh She Glows, Deliciously Ella, or Minimalist Baker.

Try looking at one blog or YouTuber a day. This will help you maintain motivation and energy to continue. Seriously, guys, you can do this! If this really matters to you, you have the power. When I’m having a rough time, I imagine where I will be in a year or two of living this lifestyle. When it gets rough for you, try it. If you’re spiritual, pray for help. As a religious person myself, I find that God helps me through everything, and I’ve found that he really cares about my struggles, even if they really aren’t big. He knows they are big for me.


Your Challenge

So, here’s the challenge! This week, find at least one other person who is a vegan/vegetarian and join up with them. An actual person. Really put effort into finding someone that you know will encourage you. Offer to help them as they help you. Encourage each other, swap recipes, and cook for each other.

If you really can’t find anyone in your community, go to the online world. You’ll still find a lot of help there. Even if you do find someone, the online community can help a lot.

You’ve got this! Have faith in yourself and your future.





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