If you have lived in Rexburg for more than a semester, chances are you’ve probably heard the same hikes mentioned over and over again. With Yellowstone, Targhee National Forest and Craters of the Moon so close by, there must be more hikes. Here is a list of five hikes you may not have heard of yet:

  1. Hell’s Half Acre — Lava rock, cacti and rattlesnakes describe this trail. This hike is on the way to Craters of the Moon. There is a 0.9 mile loop to follow and also a longer 4.5 mile trail according to the Bureau of Land Management. Poles mark the trail to follow because there is no dirt trail to follow. The entire trail is on lava rocks. This trail is for those who want to make their own trail.
  2. Hidden Lake Trail — This trail ” takes you on a gradual climb through meadows, heavily timbered areas, and passes by Hidden Lake,” according to the Forest Service. It can be accessed by way of the Coyote Meadows trailhead.
  3. Packsaddle Lake — This hike involves hiking about an hour to the top (or driving to the top if you have a car with four-wheel drive that can handle large ruts). At the top, you descend to the lake “no more than a quarter to half a mile,” according to RexburgFun. At the bottom, people swim, canoe or swing from the rope swing.
  4. Sidewinder Trail — This 2.7 miles trail “is an area enjoyed by people of all ages and positions in life, close to populated areas and short enough for an evening run, hike or ride,” according to East Idaho News. This is a short hike for any skill level.
  5. Piney Peak — Located in the Big Hole Mountain Range, this is tied for the highest point in Teton County, according to SummitPost. The hike itself is a little over 15 miles, but “much of the area is being utilized by ATV’s and dirt bikers,” wrote SummitPost. Hiking is not the only option to get to the top. However, if you are looking for a challenge, this is the hike to choose.

An easy way to find hikes is to search through national forest websites for a list. Another way is to just get outside and explore possible hikes near others. Usually, many hikes branch off of one popular one.

Happy hiking!