Where did you go this Halloween?  I climbed into Hell.

Hell’s Half Acre Lava Fields in southeastern Idaho formed in 3250 B.C., according to volcanodiscoIMG_0316very.com. While this hike is not well-known, it is well worth the drive if you live in southeastern Idaho. This Halloween I thought hiking there would be appropriate for getting into the Halloween spirit.

The best thing about Hell’s Half Acre is that there is no trail. There are markers to avoid getting lost, but there is no dirt path to stay on the entire time. Make a path, however, make sure to stay near markers to avoid getting lost. Every lava rock looks the same.

There are long cracks to climb through, craters to boulder into, cacti, and even old bones of a cow. Early spring and late fall are the best times to visit to avoid rattlesnakes which are common. Colder weather is best.

There are two hikes. The first is a half mile loop. This hike still takes about 30 minutes, despite the short distance. The other is 4 ½ miles to the source. This is not a loop however, and takes five to six hours to complete.

Remember this:

  • Plan for a colder weather hike.
  • Watch out for rattlesnakes and cacti.
  • Bring good shoes for rocky surfaces.
  • Bring lunch as this can be a long hike.
  • Take advantage of the landscape for some bouldering.

Directions: Driving from Rexburg down I-15 and then following I-20 only takes about an hour to arrive. Once you get to the sign for the Lava Fields take that left and another left at the sign for Hell’s Half Acre.