Through the frigid November weather, we drive to icy caves to warm up. Inside the caves we fall on ice, pull ourselves along the slippery surface and cannonball down a slide at the end. After an hour of fun, it is definitely warmer in the caves.

The ice caves are a popular destination for many residents of Rexburg and St. Anthony because of the ice that stays inside year round, even in the hot, summer months.

The roads are unmaintained for the most part and college drivers create a bumpy path when driving IMG_6168through the muddy road in the summer. Arriving at the caves, we stare into the giant pit that holds the entrance. To the
right a path leads down and through the rock. This is the start of the journey.

Inside the cave we squeeze along the path and see layers of ice built up over the years. Frosty ice clings to the rocks above. Icicles hang from the ceiling.

The ice caves are ideal for short outdoor adventures, however, you could spend as much time as you want playing on the slide and slipping around in general.

Madison Thueson, a Rexburg resident, said her family goes to the ice caves every year despite the chill. “We started the tradition of going every Thanksgiving as a family,” Thueson said. “Normally we hook up an inner tube to the car and go tubing on the dirt road. It’s an activity that we can take the little kids on and still have fun.”

1. Bring a truck.
2. Dress warm and in layers. Make sure to bring gloves. When you are moving around the temperature is manageable, but it is chilly.

Not to be Civil defense caves mapconfused with the civil defense caves, the location for the Ice Caves is not on google maps. However, below is a map to the civil defense cave which are nearby. From BYU-Idaho campus head north on 2nd East. Continue until it becomes Red Rd.and take that road all the way to the turn-off. The Ice Cave are just past the turn off for the civil defense caves. The turn off is past a cattle guard and a sign saying you are entering Clack County. You will know you have arrived at the ice caves when you find a large hole in front of you. It’s kind of hard to miss. To the right of the hole is a path that will lead down and back through the rock to the entrance. has great pictures and directions if you need more help.