Last week I took my friend to Starved Rock. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to that park. In the Chicago area, if you want unique terrain, not flat prairies, it’s about the best place you can find. One of my favorite things to do at this park is to instill a love of nature in my friends. My friend liked the outdoors, but had a hard time making it out the door.

IMG_0331 (1)

Sometimes friends make you do weird things.

I’ve noticed this problem with a lot of people. People claim to love getting outside, but when it comes down to going, they would rather stay inside.

My brothers detest hikes. With the threat of chores from my mom, they reluctantly climb into the car, determined to hate every moment. Less than 20 minutes into the hike, they are both hopping from rock to rock to stay dry from the stream wandering through the Illinois canyon and clinging to walls of rock to pass difficult parts. The hard part is getting them out the door.

With my friend, having someone to push her out gave her the motivation to hike, and all my brothers needed was an incentive. [Thanks, Mom.]

This week, I challenge you to bring a friend along with you to explore the outdoors. Start with someone who has told you they love getting out, but hasn’t lately. Who knows? Maybe it will help you pass the doorway too.