While there are many activities for summertime, in the winter you have to be more creative. We decide to hike a few miles of trail. The views from the top of kames show the winter’s desolation. An empty creek bed wanders around the base and the land stretches into the tree line.

More than 64,000 visitors explore Glacial Park every year. Spanning 3,412 acres, the park provides hiking and horseback trails, cross country ski and snowboarding trails, sledding hills, biking trails and a creek for boats and fishing.

Cold winter temperatures provide unique opportunities. Children flew down a hill on plastic sleds, followed by a Labrador at their heels. A father shouted from the top for them to slow down. Families stomp pictures in the snow with footprints. Friend’s arms flail as they slide into each other on the frozen marsh.

This winter, take a walk in this winter wonderland. Explore Glacial Park for yourself.




Video of Glacial Park by McHenry County Conservation District:



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